My Music

Music has always been my passion. I realize that my talent and capability are very limited, but I will never stop learning and trying. Who knows, someday I can be a professional musician? Who knows, someday I can publish my own CD? 🙂

Well, as my learning process, these are my attempts in writing music. My very own music. All songs will be piano instrumental pieces.

All comments, critics, feedbacks are highly appreciated.

1. Morning Dew

2. Shooting Star

3. Daydreaming

4. Midnight Rain

5. Music Box: A Prelude

6. One Beautiful Day

7. Snowfall

8. Whimsical Dream

9. Waiting

10. Sweet Lullaby

11. Falling Leaves

12. Emma’s Song

13. My Only God

(Copyrights, All rights reserved)

*Please excuse the poor audio quality*