They Said…

Do you want to know what they said about you?

Clay Aiken said:
Just as long as she’s in my arms
It’s gonna be a perfect day
(Perfect Day)

BoysIIMen said:
But you…you’re the perfect love song
(The Perfect Love Song)

Pink said:
You’re perfect to me

Bruno Mars said:
Her hair, her hair
Falls perfectly without her trying
(Just The Way You Are)

Elton John said:
The perfect love has never proven to be
But you are as close as it gets when you’re close to me
(Perfect Love)

Cody Simpson said:
You’re my perfect girl

Sterling Simms said:
Girl, cause you are, you are the perfect song
(Perfect Song)

Roxette said:
That you’ll come back to stay.
Bring back the perfect day.
(Perfect Day)

Bo Burnham said:
She was the perfect woman, in every single way,
(The Perfect Woman)

A Cursive Memory said:
But just to know you’re right here with me,
Well you make the perfect company
(Perfect Company)

And here is what I say:
You are my perfect wife, perfect partner, perfect friend, perfect lover…
You make my day, my night, and my whole life perfect
And I can’t stop thanking you for loving me perfectly!

Have a perfect birthday, my dear Esther! 🙂

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