Birthday Parties

We are not party organizer, but we just love parties! We called ourselves “EO Gadungan” (the fake Event Organizer 😛 ). So here are some parties that we held in the past. Who knows it could help you finding some party ideas! 🙂

Feel free to use any of the ideas as your inspiration, but please do not use/publish any pictures on this blog without my permission. Thanks! 🙂

2017 – Emma’s 6th birthday (Ariel The Little Mermaid theme)

2016 – Emma’s 5th birthday (purple princess Ariel theme)

2015 – Andrew’s 10th birthday (gold & black theme)

2015 – Emma’s 4th birthday (coral & silver princess theme)

2014 – Emma’s 3rd birthday (green & gold theme with bear character)

2013 – Andrew’s 8th birthday (Bentley and car’s brands theme)

2013 – Emma’s 2nd birthday (yellow & white theme with owl character)

2012 – Andrew’s 7th birthday (music & Fresh Beat Band theme)

2012 – Emma’s 1st birthday (blue & white theme with Cinderella character)

2011 – Andrew’s 6th birthday (Disney’s character dining)

2010 – Andrew’s 5th birthday (colorful theme)

2009 – Arman’s & Esther’s birthdays (black & white theme)

2008 – Andrew’s 3rd birthday (Sesame Street theme)

2007 – Andrew’s 2nd birthday (Disney’s Cars theme)

2007 – Kid’s birthday party: tips & tricks