On Her Wedding Day

Dear Emma,

Do you remember… It was when you were 2 years old and you watched Cinderella for the first time. We danced together as Cinderella was dancing with the prince, but suddenly you stopped and ran to the bedroom.

I was shocked and sad thinking that you did not want to dance with me anymore. All this time, I thought dancing had always been our father-and-daughter thing.

You would have never imagined how relieved I was, knowing that apparently you only wanted to change your pajamas to a dress so that you could become a princess before we danced again until the song ended and you laid your head on my shoulder.

Years went by, and tonight… it happened again. We danced and you walked away before the music stopped.

I was not shocked this time because I knew it would happen. But I could not lie that I was also sad at that moment. I was sad that we could not dance until the song ended. I was sad that it was not my shoulder where you laid your head on. I was sad that you went away. I shed my tears and let everybody thought they were happy tears. Well, they were and they were not at the same time.

I knew that this time would come. I was neither disappointed nor mad. I smiled to see you laid your head on his shoulder as he kissed your head. I was glad thinking that you had found the man you love who you would spend the rest of your life with. I was happy to see how happy you were, dancing with him. However, I would always be the first man who danced with you.

Anyway, I just wanted to let you know that if only I could freeze the time, I would do it when I was dancing with you…

your Daddy

emma princess


<one of those moments that I will not forget for the rest of my life>