DIY Project: Disney Frozen Halloween Costumes

For Halloween this year, we go with the Disney Frozen theme. It is not because Frozen costumes rank number 1 on the Top 10 Halloween Costume Trends of 2014 according to Good Morning America, but simply because Emma has princess Elsa costume which she got as one of her birthday presents last July so we just go with that! 😛

Emma as Princess Elsa

frozen - elsa resize

To make it more fun (and of course to not spend too much money only for one time used costumes), for the first time in forever, we decided to make our costumes (except Emma’s costume of course) by ourselves. And this instantly became the whole family’s DIY project! 😀

Andrew as Olaf

What you need:

diy olaf 1 resize

1. White hat
2. White t-shirt
3. Black, white, orange felt sheets
4. Brown pipe cleaners

What you do:

1. Cut 2 small circles, 5 big circles, and 2 eyebrows from the black felt sheet. Cut 2 big circles and a rectangle (with round edge only on 2 sides) from the white felt sheet. And cut 1 big triangle from the orange felt sheet. Please look at the picture below for example.

diy olaf 2 resize

2. Put 1 small black circle, 1 big white circle, and 1 big black circle on top of each other for Olaf’s eye.

3. Make a slim cone (carrot shape) from the orange triangle and stuff with fiberfill (I stole the fiberfill stuffing from 1 of Emma’s doll :P) to make Olaf’s nose.

4 Glue the eyebrows, eyes, nose, and teeth to the white hat by using hot glue gun.

5. Glue 2 sticks of brown pipe cleaners on the top of the hat by using hot glue gun as well.

diy olaf 3

6. Lastly, glue the remaining 3 black big circles to white t-shirt.

And voila… Olaf is in the house! 😀

frozen - Olaf resize

Arman as Kristoff

What you need:

diy kristoff1 resize

1. 1 yard of dark grey felt fabric
2. 0.25 yard of red felt fabric

What you do:

1. Fold the dark grey felt fabric into 2 and cut following the shape of a t-shirt.

diy kristoff2 resize

2. Sew or glue the sides of the shirt.
3. Cut 5 pieces of rectangular shapes from the red felt fabric and glue them to the neck and shoulder parts of the shirt.
4. Use the remaining of the red felt fabric as the belt.

diy kristoff3 resize

Kristoff comes to the rescue! 😀

frozen - kristoff resize

Esther as Princess Anna

What you need:

diy anna material resize

1. Black t-shirt
2. Pink felt sheet
3. Green fabric paint
4. Gold ribbon
5. Blue fabric

What you do:

1. Cut the black t-shirt following the shape in the picture below and glue the gold ribbon on the sides of the t-shirt.

diy anna4

2. Cut 4 small and 4 big tulip shapes out of the pink felt sheet

diy anna2 resize

3. Make an A line skirt out of the blue fabric (Esther made by following this video :P)

4. Draw (with pencil) the flower branches on the shirt and skirt and paint with the fabric paint. Lastly, glue the pink flower shapes (small ones for the t-shirt and the big ones for the skirt) by using the hot glue gun.

diy anna resize

diy anna3 resize

Tadaaaa… Anna is ready to party! 😀

frozen - anna resize

Olaf and Anna costumes cost less than $10 each, while Kristoff costume costs even less than $5! Where could you find costumes that cheap? 😀 Andrew had fun too because he got to help to cut the felt and draw with the fabric paint. And not to mention the satisfaction after seeing the results! 😀

frozen - do you want to build a snowman resize

frozen - let it go 2 resize

frozen - in summer resize

frozen - olaf kristoff resize

frozen - fixer upper resize

frozen - act of true love resize

frozen - personal flurry resize

What do you think? Our DIY costumes are not bad, huh? 😀

frozenhalloween resize

So… do you want to build a Frozen costume too? Go ahead and have fun! 😀

PS. The last picture was edited by Esther’s sister. Thanks a lot, Ling! 😀